If you’re having trouble finding, attracting and serving new audiences, I can help.

From simple Zoom consultations to team workshops to helping you rebuild entire marketing or sales operations, I will give you useful tools for making productive change that will deliver measurable, positive results.

Strategic Planning for Marketing and Sales

Successful marketing requires planning. From universal branding strategies to season campaigns to even the smallest individual promotions, every sales and marketing initiative must unfold according to a predetermined set of goals and carefully orchestrated methods.

I will work with your marketing team to find and employ easy-to-use planning tools, project accurate returns on marketing investments, lay out sensible strategies and tactics, exploit new resources, and establish useful metrics for measuring results. 

Content Marketing

Fresh, relevant, customer-centered content is the key to growing audiences, yet most cultural organizations rely on traditional, formulaic, let-us-tell-you-how-wonderful-we-are promotions that haven’t changed in decades.

I will work with your marketing team to develop rich, active, engaging content that will motivate new and old audiences alike, and that will deliver consistent, affordable, measurable results.

Brand Story Development

Active brands tell captivating stories. What is your brand’s narrative? What is the emotional heart of the story you tell? What role do your customers play in your drama? How does your narrative bring you and your customers together?

Humans are hardwired to respond to compelling stories. I will work with your team to identify the dramatic core of your narrative and to make certain your essential story unfolds every time a potential audience member comes in contact with your brand.

CX Copywriting

Customer experience copywriting is essential for success with new audiences. Rather than extolling the virtues of the products you sell, customer experience copywriting describes how your customers’ experience with your organization and its products will make their lives more rewarding.

I will work with your content development team to make certain that the communications they develop are strategically sound and optimally persuasive.


Research doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I will train your team to use simple, practical, low-cost tools to gather useful market intelligence, and to employ that knowledge to improve results with every marketing campaign.

Marketing Administration

Traditional, financially troubled cultural organizations often need wholesale marketing makeovers. If your marketing department isn’t generating results and you want a fresh start, I will help you rebuild your team from the ground up, beginning with a solid strategic plan that includes new, cost-effective approaches to marketing, communications and – especially – sales.


If you’re not selling enough, call me. I’d be happy to provide a sounding board. If I can help, I will. If not, I’m fun to talk to, so your time won’t have been be wasted.