If you’re having trouble finding, attracting and serving new audiences, I can help.

And the work I do for you will pay for itself many times over by generating new, sustainable sources of earned revenue. From a simple phone consultation to team workshops to helping you rebuild marketing or sales operations, I will give you useful tools for making productive change.

Strategic Planning for Marketing and Sales

Your organization’s marketing archives are not a strategic plan. If your approach to marketing is to do what you normally do and hope for better results, it’s time for a change. I will train your marketing team to use simple, inexpensive planning tools that will help them look forward rather than backward in order to get maximum productivity out of every campaign.

Message Development Workshops

The worst possible approach to developing marketing content is to put a bunch of art insiders around a conference table and ask them to come up with creative ways to “get the word out.” Unfortunately, it’s the way most arts organizations approach strategic messaging. I will give your team of insiders the skills they need to create outside-oriented strategic content that sells every time they sit down to develop a new marketing tool.


Drawing on twenty-five years of experience in arts & commercial entertainment, I will tailor an educational, inspirational and – if left to my own devices – irreverent talk about arts and audiences for just about any occasion. If you’re planning a gathering of arts professionals and you want an uplifting address with valuable, practical takeaways, I will be delighted to join you.

Writing Workshops/Training

Your sales and marketing copy is probably dreadful. No offense, but most arts marketing copy is dreadful. In the arts we follow decades-old traditions that encourage us to boast shamelessly about our products, services and organizations with little regard for the perspectives of the customers we hope to persuade.

I will develop and implement practical writing workshops for your team that will result in fresh, potent, effective customer-oriented strategic messaging.


Believe it or not, research doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I will train your team to use simple, practical, low-cost tools to gather useful market intelligence and use that knowledge to improve results with every marketing campaign. Research is about knowing your customers well so you know how to talk to them. We do it all the time with our major donors and loyal patrons. The trick is to know how to do the same thing with new audiences.

Marketing Administration

Financially troubled arts organizations often need wholesale marketing makeovers. If your marketing department isn’t generating results and you want a fresh start, I will help you rebuild your team from the ground up, beginning with a solid strategic plan that includes new, cost-effective approaches to marketing, communications and – especially – sales.


If you’re not selling enough, call me. I’d be happy to provide a sounding board. If I can help, I will. If not, I’m fun to talk to, so your time won’t have been be wasted.