Classical Virtue Signaling

I found the paragraph below in a job ad for an arts marketing manager.

Somebody needs to encourage the ten highest-paid executives at the Philadelphia Orchestra to print out this paragraph, fan out into city neighborhoods, read it to people gathered in hoagie shops and pay very close attention to the looks on their faces.

For about a week.

“Leading with our bold vision to inspire and connect humanity through the Philadelphia Sound, we at The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc. are vital influencers and conveners, emblemizing our values of being exceptional, innovative, diverse and inclusive, and authentic. IDEAS—Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Strategies—is a comprehensive transformation process, guided by our vision and values, to assess and improve all aspects of our operations, concerts, and programs, and to spur sustainable change.”

Note to job applicants: Make sure you learn what ‘emblemizing values’ is before anyone asks you to do it.


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