Are Arts Marketers Narcissistic Bores?

I’m off to speak at the Artsreach National Arts Marketing, Development and Ticketing Conference in L.A. this weekend and that’s the title of my session.

Here’s the session description:

Are Arts Marketers Narcissistic Bores?

Have you ever met someone at a party who talked endlessly about how wonderful he was and never asked about you? You know the type – someone who’s so caught up in his own superior exploits that he assumes anyone who’s in earshot will be fascinated by what he has to say?

Have you ever noticed how the language of arts marketing dwells almost exclusively on how wonderful we are and almost never talks about the audience? You know this language – an endless barrage of self-congratulatory words and images that seldom tells people why they should care or what’s in it for them?

If you’d rather be an engaging conversationalist than a narcissistic bore, this session will teach you how to stop speaking at audiences, and how to begin speaking to them – or better yet with them – for dramatically improved results.

If you’re in Southern California this week, make plans to stop by.


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